Why choose Dalia to help you hire faster?

We believe in paying it forward. Millions of job seekers engage with the Dalia Community every day to ask questions, get support and find jobs. This community gives us a unique advantage in helping you achieve your hiring goals.

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Gain access to millions of qualified job seekers

Your new job postings automatically get shared throughout the Dalia job seeker community giving you access to untapped talent who may not yet have discovered your brand.

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Reach more job seeker inboxes with enhanced email & SMS

Most job alerts from employers end up in the SPAM folder. Dalia's deliverability is optimized to ensure your jobs and content reach job seekers, get opened, and drive clicks at the highest possible rate.


Get more qualified applicants with a product that's tuned to your job seekers

Employers miss out on applicants every day because job seekers can't find the right job. We analyze the searches on your career site and customize our job matching to your job seeker audience. That way more people find and apply to the right jobs.

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Get the support you and your candidates deserve

No one likes to be left hanging. That's why we offer full-service support to help customers achieve their hiring goals and to help job seekers navigate the hiring process.

Ready to accelerate your hiring?