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Drive best-fit candidates without the manual work

Most job seekers don't apply from a single touchpoint. Dalia creates personalized multi-touch experiences that deliver more engaged candidates from your existing sources and platforms.

Identify and connect with your best-performing talent pool

Your best hiring opportunities already show interest in your brand, but today there’s no way to know who they are. Dalia activates this new talent pool and turns them into high-converting candidates.

Connect with job seekers who don't apply.

Personalize your career site experience

No one likes to be treated like a stranger. Adding personalized job recommendations means fewer clicks, less distraction, and faster searches for job seekers whenever they visit your career site.

Instantly personalize any career site.

Match people with the right jobs

No more missed hiring opportunities. Dalia's AI + human matching is tailored to your job seekers and roles to ensure people find the jobs they're looking for, no matter how they search.

Simplify applying with seamless experiences

What if someone could apply to your ATS without creating an account or logging in? Transform your existing applications into seamless experiences that let the best candidates apply from anywhere.

Engage the right people at the right time

Competition for job seekers' attention is fiercer than ever. Dalia's job remarketing delivers instant job matches that keep your brand front and center, and drive best-fit job seekers to apply.

Drive more candidates and hires, faster

Dalia gave us an 8.8% increase in hires from our career site visitors in the first 3 months of our pilot.

Dalia's ability to increase hires from our external sources is game-changing for a business with our scale.

When I look at our candidate flow from a year ago and where we are now with Dalia - it's night and day.


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