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Gain visibility into every interaction with your employer brand

Take advantage of your best hiring opportunities. Dalia gives you an easy-to-use hub for identifying highly interested candidates who are most likely to respond and get hired.

5 stars

Surface your best hiring opportunities

Job seekers showing interest in your employer brand are the most likely to convert. Dalia reveals the most interested candidates who meet job requirements with licenses, certifications, and experience.

Segment leads and set alerts to engage faster

Every talent team has their list of hard-to-fill roles. Give your team real-time intelligence when high-priority leads show interest so they can engage proactively and beat the competition.

Prove how conversions drive your hiring growth

Connecting the dots is easy. Show the impact that Dalia and your career site has throughout your hiring funnel on visitors, leads, candidates, and hires.

Drive more candidates and hires, faster

With our level of hiring, we need multiple avenues to reach candidates and connect them with openings. Dalia impacts hiring across all eight of our job categories from entry-level roles like housekeeping to more skilled positions like RNs.

Dalia has been an excellent addition to our website. They keep candidates current with all our available, unique positions. The recruiting world moves at lightning speed, and Dalia assists us in keeping up and allowing talent to have the best opportunities at their fingertips.


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