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Get more qualified applicants from your job advertising

Dalia maximizes the impact of your job advertising by converting more career site visitors into qualified applicants.

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Join the world's top hiring teams

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Stop overspending on ineffective job advertising

Very few applicants from traditional job boards get hired. The best applicants come from your career site, but most visitors are unlikely to apply.

programmatic job advertising

Turn more visitors into qualified applicants with scalable job remarketing

Dalia immediately engages career site visitors and turns them into qualified applicants over time with highly relevant, fully automated SMS & email job remarketing.

Dalia has been a core part of our strategy to become more efficient with our job advertising spend. It delivers qualified applicants who get hired, at a cost-per-hire that's 50% less than Indeed. This has allowed us to reduce overall job advertising spend without the same reduction in applications and hires.

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Maximize the impact of your job advertising



Source of qualified applicants


Lower cost-per-hire


ROI on job ad spend

Dalia is our #1 source of candidate quality and our #2 source of hires after Indeed. Candidates are 44% more likely to be hired than from our other high-volume sources. It has delivered a 21% increase in hires from our external sources which is game-changing for a business with our hiring scale.

Dalia has been an excellent addition to our website. They keep candidates current with all our available, unique positions. The recruiting world moves at lightning speed, and Dalia assists us in keeping up with the talent and allowing that talent to have the best opportunities at their fingertips.


Dalia works seamlessly with the tools you already have

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