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How Compass Group Increased Frontline Candidate Flow by 21%

"Dalia's ability to increase hires from our external sources is game-changing for a business with our scale."

Shay Johnson (1)

Shay Johnson

Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Compass Group




❌ Not enough candidate pipeline across locations, industries and job types.

❌ Slow hiring and high costs from job ads due to a competitive talent market.

❌ Low apply rate with most frontline job seekers trying to apply from their phone.



✅ Capture job seekers' info before they can abandon job applications.


✅ Bring them back to apply with fully automated SMS & email engagement.


✅ Increase apply-rate conversions further by making job applications SMS-based.



📈 Compass Group increases frontline candidate flow by 21%.


📈 They saved their recruiters time by automating a repetitive and time-consuming workflow.

📈 Candidates they get from Dalia are 44% more likely to be hired than other sources.


The Challenge

High-volume recruiting becomes competitive and costly

Compass Group is the largest contract food service company in the world. They employ and engage with more than 600,000 employees across industries like hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and transportation in 44 different countries. Their 17,000 current job openings are primarily hourly, frontline roles like line cooks, drivers, housekeepers, nursing aides, customer service, retail associates, and laborers.

To hit their high-volume recruiting goals, their talent acquisition team is responsible for driving a large pipeline of qualified talent that hiring managers can hire from. They’re responsible for providing candidates across different job types, industries, and locations. Their relatively small team is also responsible for a large number of job openings per recruiter.

While trying to meet these hiring goals, Shay Johnson who is a Vice President of Talent Acquisition with Compass Group faced increased pressure from the talent market. Unemployment fell to all-time lows and competition for frontline workers increased.

Costs rose for high-volume hirers across almost every industry as they had to invest more dollars into job advertising budgets to keep their recruiting on pace. But even as employers bought more ads and increased clicks for their jobs, the percentage of job seekers completing job applications decreased.


"Dalia drives the most applicants and hires for us after Indeed and ranks first in candidate quality. Candidates who engage us through Dalia are 44% more likely to be hired than candidates from other high-volume sources."

- Shay Johnson, Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Compass Group

The Solution

Fully automated, recurring & personalized engagement 

Shay implemented Dalia to improve Compass's ability to convert qualified candidates who were abandoning their job application process. Before a job seeker can leave their career site, Dalia uses an exit intent pop-up form to capture their contact info. Then it automatically engages them with relevant new jobs over SMS & email to bring them back to apply.

Job seekers receive texts and emails whenever new jobs are posted that are relevant to their location and preferred type of work. Engaging this new group of passive talent transformed Compass Group’s hiring.

Promoting more opportunities to job seekers increased conversion rates. They also were able to drive qualified candidates to hiring managers more efficiently, and the increased candidate flow accelerated overall hiring.

Dalia ran autonomously sending these campaigns on behalf of Compass Group. Shay didn't have to add to his existing team’s workload or hire anyone new since it was a fully automated process.

The Results

More highly-qualified candidates, faster

When Compass Group began to use Dalia they saw a better high-volume hiring experience that engages and converts more job seekers.

  1. More candidate volume

    Dalia became one of Compass Group's biggest drivers of applicant volume, second only to Indeed where they were investing most of their budget. “Dalia delivered a 21% increase in hires from all of our external sources," says Shay.

  2. Higher quality candidates 

    Candidate quality also went up because the job seekers that Dalia engaged were more likely to be qualified than someone being reached for the first time. "The candidates who apply through Dalia are 44% more likely to be hired than those from our other high-volume sources,” says Shay.

  3. Faster time-to-hire

    These factors had a positive impact on Compass Group's time-to-hire. Their TA team was able to provide more qualified candidates to hiring managers, faster. As a result, Compass Group was able to hire and fill jobs faster.

Next: A better way for frontline job seekers to apply

Compass Group is continuing to work with Dalia to create a better high-volume hiring experience that will engage and convert more job seekers. 

Thousands of job seekers already apply to Compass Group every week as a result of Dalia's texts. But if a job seeker was able to apply to a job via SMS rather than being redirected to a career site, they’d have a better experience and be more likely to apply.

Dalia Apply employs conversational AI to ask the job seeker questions, collect answers, and input those responses directly into the employer's ATS.

It adds a human element that's currently missing from today's application process and works on a platform that job seekers already use daily: text messaging.

Better frontline hiring experiences and simpler software solutions are helping Compass Group deliver on its high-volume recruiting goals.


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