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How PeopleReady Made 17,000 New Frontline Placements in Six Months

"When I look at our candidate flow from a year ago and where we are now with Dalia - it's night and day."

Chris Klassen

Director of Talent Engagement

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❌ The TA team needed more candidate flow to support high-volume, frontline recruiting.

❌ Job seeker traffic wasn't converting into candidates or hires at an efficient rate.



✅ Capture job seekers who visit their career site and job ads without applying.


✅ Match them to newly posted, highly-relevant job postings.


✅ Bring them back to apply with fully automated SMS & email engagement.



📈 PeopleReady used Dalia to drive 426,934 new candidates in under a year.


📈  They've been able to offload work, recruit more efficiently, and hire faster.


The Challenge

On-demand hiring for high volume, blue collar roles

PeopleReady is a staffing firm that specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor and highly skilled workers. They support a wide range of blue-collar industries, including construction, manufacturing and logistics, waste and recycling, and hospitality.

With 600-plus branch offices across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, they served approximately 94,000 businesses and put approximately 220,000 people to work in 2021.

Director of Talent Engagement, Chris Klassen, likes to joke, "We are so high-volume that when we bring on a new tool, we will break it if it can be broken."

"We get a lot of tire kickers - people who visit our career site but never actually apply - and we wanted to be able to reengage those job seekers."

- Chris Klassen, Director of Talent Engagement at PeopleReady

The Solution

Reengaging job seekers who visit their career site, but don't apply

With the scale of PeopleReady's hiring, Chris and the team rely on paid sources to drive job seeker traffic. Few job seekers were converting into candidates though, which slowed their time-to-hire and increased cost-per-applicant. 

They decided to explore ways to increase candidate conversions. "Our engagement technology wasn’t as advanced as we wanted. It only included email - no text messaging - and messages were targeted by geography, but not matched to job interests," says Chris.

"As a result, job seekers received once-a-week emails with a huge list of irrelevant jobs, which had little impact. It also lacked any reporting so it was hard to tell what was happening."

Chris implemented Dalia to increase conversions and drive more qualified candidates for PeopleReady's jobs.

"We get a lot of tire kickers - people who visit our career site but never actually apply - and we wanted to be able to reengage those job seekers."

Before a job seeker can leave a job application, Dalia uses an exit intent pop-up form to capture their contact info. Then it automatically engages them with relevant new jobs over SMS & email to bring them back to apply.

The Result

Driving more candidate volume and saving their recruiters' time

Job seekers receive texts and emails whenever new jobs are posted that are relevant to their location and preferred type of work. 

Dalia sends over 150,000 job alerts to job seekers via text message every week on PeopleReady's behalf. They also offer job seeker support on behalf of their clients to help candidates navigate the job application and hiring process.

"They do a great job of optimizing our SMS and email deliverability, response rates, and click rates to maximize conversions," says Chris. "Their constant optimization and job seeker support amounts to a lot of saved work that would otherwise fall onto our internal team."

"Dalia has been a great partner because they know the high-volume hiring process inside and out."

PeopleReady has used Dalia to get 426,934 new candidates for their jobs over the past year.

What's next?

PeopleReady has also started to use Dalia to reengage candidates from their ATS, CRM, programmatic advertising, and easy apply.

They have a wide variety of sourcing channels and couldn't follow up with everyone in time. They've also grown conversions by triggering the pop-up form as soon as job seekers reach their career site.

"We plan to continue to be creative in how we can use Dalia to reengage more job seekers and bring them back to apply at PeopleReady."


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