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High-volume Recruiting

3 Ways to Get More Frontline Candidates

Frontline roles are especially hard to fill right now due to the current worker shortage. Here's how to get more candidates.

Frontline workers are people who directly provide services to customers, clients, or patients. Their jobs require them to physically work in person and roles can include healthcare workers, caregivers, food production workers, grocery store workers, hospitality staff, retail staff, line cooks, servers, and more.

Frontline roles are especially hard to fill right now due to the current worker shortage. Construction wages have hit a 40-year high amid rising demand for workers. Line cooks have seen their hourly rate rise to $27 an hour from $17.50. Many nurses and home health aides are burned out from the pandemic and leaving the profession altogether.

Hiring frontline workers during this current shortage is challenging, but not impossible. Here are 3 ways you can get more frontline candidates for your jobs.

1. Automated SMS and Email Engagement

Sharing your new job postings over SMS and email is a great way to drive people to apply to your jobs quickly. While most front-line workers use their phones to conduct their job searches, sharing them over both SMS and email will maximize your engagement.

Who should you email and text these new job postings to? Job seekers who are already in your talent network and those who didn’t finish applying to similar roles in the past are great places to start.

Dalia automatically engages your past candidates with your latest job postings over SMS and email for you.

2. Mobile-First Job Applications

Now that you have engaged a job seeker who is a great fit for your job - the next step is to make it as simple as possible for them to apply. 

If you’re relying on your ATS job application then you’re probably not going to convert very many frontline candidates into hires. That’s because ATS job applications require job seekers to create an account, fill in their job history, import a resume, and take other steps which a nearly impossible from a phone.

Dalia automatically transforms your job applications into SMS-based conversations using AI. That means your candidates just have to answer a few questions over text message instead of being redirection to an ATS job application with lots of barriers.

3. Job-Seeker Focused Careers Site

For job seekers who come to your careers site to find new job openings, it’s important to make it as easy as possible to find the right jobs. This isn’t always as easy as it seems

Every employer is different in how they group and categorize job postings, so finding out how to make this as intuitive as possible for job seekers is key. If I’m a line cook and searching for line cook jobs would it also be relevant to show me jobs with the title “chef” or “food preparer”?

Making it easy to find the right job also means your career site has to have an intuitive mobile design. If your career site requires too much scrolling and too many fields to fill in it might be time to look for something new.

Dalia builds career sites that maximize the conversion of frontline candidates and create an intuitive mobile-first experience.

We’d love to show you more. Sign up for a demo of Dalia to see it in action.

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