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High-volume Recruiting

High-Volume Recruiting & Automation [Webinar]

Compass Group, Recruiting.Work, and Dalia discuss how they're using automation to accelerate high-volume recruiting.

Last week Compass Group, Recruiting.Work, and Dalia discussed how automation can accelerate high-volume recruiting.

The webinar featured a chat with Shay Johnson, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Compass Group, on how he uses Dalia and other tools to increase qualified applicant flow for high-volume recruiting.

Compass Group is the largest contract foodservice company in the world. They employ and engage with more than 600,000 employees across industries like hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and transportation. Their 17,000 current job openings are primarily hourly, frontline roles like line cooks, drivers, housekeepers, nursing aides, customer service, retail associates, and laborers.

We also gave a demo of Dalia and discussed how to use automation to:

→ Engage higher-quality candidates

→ Drive more candidate volume; and

→ Increase hiring efficiency

Watch a recording of the discussion below:



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