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Candidate Experience

Frictionless Frontline Recruiting [Podcast]

William Tincup and Sam Fitzroy talk about what recruiters need to do to convert more frontline and hourly job seekers into hires.

William Tincup, President of Recruiting Daily, and Sam Fitzroy, CEO of Dalia, sat down to chat about why job seeker conversion rates are so important, and how to increase them.

75% of job seekers who are asked to create an account with a password while applying for a job drop out of the job application process. 

22% more frontline job seekers applied from a mobile device this year. Yet many employers still expect job seekers to import a resume from their phones while applying.

William and Sam break down some of the biggest points of friction that frontline job seekers face when applying for jobs. They also identify what strategies, workflows, and technology is helping employers create a frictionless hiring experience.

Listen below to hear more.

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