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Candidate Engagement

Increasing Candidate Volume & Quality [Webinar]

Chris Klassen, Kevin Grossman, and Sam Fitzroy talk about how PeopleReady skyrocketed applicant conversions from their career site and job ads.

Chris Klassen, Director of Talent Engagement at PeopleReady; Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board; and Sam Fitzroy, CEO of Dalia, got together to discuss how to increase candidate volume & quality.

PeopleReady is a staffing firm that recruits for frontline, blue-collar, hourly, and highly skilled roles.

"We are so high-volume that when we bring on a new tool, we will break it if it can be broken," jokes Chris.

With the scale of PeopleReady's recruiting, Chris and his team rely on paid sources to drive job seeker traffic.

"We really needed a partner to help us optimize the dollars we were spending to bring on new candidates," says Chris.

Watch below to get the full story.

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