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Candidate Engagement

3 Ways to Get More High-Quality Candidates

High-quality candidates allow you to focus on who matters and achieve your hiring goals quickly and efficiently.

In today’s labor market most hiring teams are looking to increase their candidate volume. But in reality, what they need are more high-quality candidates.

High-quality candidates are more likely to be qualified for a job, and also have a higher chance of accepting a potential job offer.

Getting more candidates just for the sake of having more options only creates problems and costs employers time. As your talent acquisition team tries to sort through large numbers of job applications, the people who would be a great fit for those jobs wind up taking jobs elsewhere.

High-quality candidates do just the opposite. They allow you to focus on who matters and achieve your hiring goals quickly and efficiently.

Here are 3 ways to get more high-quality candidates.

1. Focus on your best source

If you are trying to increase your candidate volume you are probably using a job board. Job boards can work well to start, but if you depend on them too much you will experience a decline in quality.

Instead, try using an automated engagement and nurturing platform to drive candidates to apply to your jobs. The quality of candidates who have already applied once or considered applying to your jobs will always be dramatically higher than the average job board applicant.

This will help you convert more of the qualified candidates you already have, and not rely on just adding more and more candidate volume to your hiring funnel.

2. Make it easy to apply

High-quality candidates are more selective where they apply and rightfully so. If you know that you’re likely qualified for the role you probably are only going to want to apply to jobs that you’d actually want to work.

That’s why it’s important for talent acquisition teams to make it simple, fast, and convenient for candidates to apply. This includes a mobile-first career site that makes it easy to find the right jobs and a job application that can be easily completed from a phone.

Twitter Post - 2022-03-09T134520.657Since most candidates apply from their phones you can increase your conversion rates (and create a better experience) by skipping application steps that are impossible to do from a mobile device.

If you can believe it there are some hiring teams that purposefully create a long application process to act as a screening process where only the “best candidates” finish applying. What actually happens is the high-quality candidates just drop off from the hiring process altogether.

The more seamless your front-end hiring experience, the more high-quality candidates you’ll get for your jobs.

3. Help candidates get hired

It’s important to put yourself in the candidate's shoes, especially when focusing on high-quality candidates. While we all want our jobs to be the first and only thing on candidates' minds, the reality is most people just want to get hired.

Hiring teams are spending huge amounts of money with job boards to get candidates who just sit and go unused in their ATS or CRM. This leads to negative results for the employer who has to keep spending more and more budget, and for job seekers who have signed up with an employer only to never hear from them again.

At Dalia, we continuously send job seekers relevant job postings across our customer base. This creates a better hiring experience for the job seeker through more opportunities, and if you’re a customer, puts your job postings front-and-center among more high-quality candidates.

That's it! If you'd like to see how Dalia can help you get more high-quality candidates by automating all of these steps then sign up for a demo here.

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