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Candidate Engagement

How Do Hourly Job Seekers Like to Learn About New Jobs?

Here's the best way to engage hourly job seekers with job alerts and drive them to apply.

There are a few results from our hourly job seeker survey that were especially surprising. One of them is how hourly job seekers prefer to receive job alerts and learn about new job openings.

Job seekers want job alerts at least once a day and across multiple channels

A whopping 83.2% of hourly job seekers said they want to receive job alerts at least once a day. We knew there was an urgency to find the right jobs to apply to, but this frequency came as a surprise.


The job alerts included with most ATS and CRMs only get sent out once a week at most. There is a large gap between the frequency that job seekers want to receive job alerts, and how often they are actually getting them.

In conversations with employers, we also learned that many job seekers apply for jobs they're not qualified for and job alerts play an important role in matching them with better-fit opportunities.

Sending job alerts more frequently would also then help job seekers apply for the right jobs faster.

Hourly job seekers also like to receive job alerts across multiple channels like text messaging and email. In our survey, 54.3% of job seekers wanted to receive SMS job alerts.



Looking at the results of our own customers, text message job alerts perform dramatically better in driving completed applications. Employers are likely to see the best results while leveraging both SMS and email for their job alerts and re-engagement.

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