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Recruitment Marketing

4 Ways to Convert More Job Seeker Interest into Hires

Job seeker dropoff is higher than ever. Here's how to fix it.

Job seekers today have short attention spans, and how employers use those initial moments of attention can impact whether those people become missed opportunities or hires.

The modern job seeker workflow tends to look something like this.

1) Moving from career site to career site trying to find relevant jobs that they can apply to in under 10 minutes.

2) Or using easy-apply to submit multiple applications at a time without much of a commitment to what they have just applied for.

Regardless of the path a job seeker takes, talent acquisition teams face the challenge of turning that initial interest into motivated candidates ready to be hired.

Here are four ways you can convert more of your job seeker interest into hires:


1. Engaging Career Site Traffic

Employers rely on their career site as the primary way job seekers can apply for their job openings, but today 95% of career site visitors don’t end up applying. That’s a lot of lost traffic.

Adding an option for job seekers to connect and be alerted to future relevant jobs quickly is an easy way to turn more job seeker interest on your career site into hires.

Talent networks and job alerts have tried to meet this need, but have proven ineffective by being unhelpful to job seekers. Who needs an irrelevant list of jobs in their inbox once a month?

Dalia delivers high-touch engagement to a high volume of candidates by being personalized, timely, and SMS-based. Learn more about upgrading your alerts here.


2. Reengaging Candidates in your ATS and Recruiting CRM

If you had to guess, what would you say are the chances that there is a great candidate for each of your current job openings already in your ATS or Recruiting CRM? We'd say the chances are pretty good.

Whether they were second-place candidates who just missed out on the role, candidates who have added additional qualifications in the past few years that make them more of a fit now, or even former employees who might want to come back - your ATS and Recruiting CRM can be a goldmine for motivated candidates.

Matching those passive candidates with your current job openings and engaging them is a great way to turn more job seeker interest into hires. Learn more about how to reengage candidates in your ATS and CRM here.


3. Converting Easy-Apply Leads

Easy-apply has helped employers capture more interest from job seekers but requires time-intensive work from a recruiting team to turn into hires. More often than not that can get lost amongst other priorities.

Delivering additional conversion points to your easy-apply leads is a great way to maintain consistent, high-quality engagement. That can be critical to converting interest into hires when a candidate has applied to twenty or so easy-apply jobs in the past hour.

Learn more about how Dalia converts easy-apply leads into hires here.


4. Source from Your Career Site Visitors

While remarketing is highly effective for turning job seeker interest into hires, outreach from your sourcing team can add touchpoints to increase conversions even further.

Dalia alerts your sourcing team when high-priority job seekers engage on your career site so they can reach out immediately. This can be especially helpful when you receive interest from a job seeker with a valued certification like a Registered Nurse or CDL Driver.

With job seeker attention running short, being able to connect and stand out with consistent, relevant, and helpful engagement can give talent acquisition teams a competitive advantage. By converting more interest into hires, you’ll be on your way to faster, more efficient hiring

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