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Recruitment Marketing

How to Use Dalia to Convert Easy Apply Leads into Hires

Turn leads into active candidates and hires with personalized, targeted nurturing.

Recruiting has come a long way in recent years, and the rise of online job boards and application platforms has made it easier than ever for candidates to apply for positions.

While this can be a blessing for recruiters looking to expand their talent pool, it also presents a challenge. When job seekers are "easy-applying" to 50 or more jobs per day, how can you stay front and center and turn those job advertising leads into hires?

Many employers ask recruiters or hiring managers to follow up with leads or use an auto-reply email to get full applications. But often these single touchpoints are forgotten and ineffective.

In this blog post, we'll share how Dalia's nurturing can be used to convert more of your Easy Apply leads into hires.

1) Sync your leads and job openings

Syncing leads to Dalia is easy and can be done through a CRM or ATS integration, or file upload. This lets us match your leads with your most recent, relevant job openings. That's going to give you an edge in standing out amongst a sea of competing employers.

2) Enable Dalia's personalized, targeted nurturing

Dalia then starts nurturing your leads with personalized, targeted SMS and email job alerts. This keeps your brand top of mind for busy job seekers and brings them back to complete full applications.


Dalia goes above and beyond traditional job alerts in that they are:

  1. Personalized & targeted: only include highly relevant jobs in nearby locations
  2. Multi-channel: are sent over both text messaging and email
  3. High deliverability: reach job seekers' primary inboxes
  4. Sent frequently: are sent every one or two days
  5. A/B tested: are optimized to maximize conversions
  6. Full-service supported: a real person from Dalia helps job seekers apply

By automating your nurturing you also increase your team's productivity and ensure consistent communication with candidates even when your team is buried trying to fill roles.

3) Drive more intentional candidates and hires

Dalia immediately starts converting more of your leads into fully completed applications and hires. Your brand and job openings stay top of mind for job seekers, so they remember to apply when they're able.

While most job alerts get lost in SPAM folders and have no impact, Dalia's job alerts grow your lead-to-hire conversions and help you achieve hiring goals.

Converting Easy Apply leads into hires is all about creating an effective nurturing process that keeps your brand in front and center for job seekers. By leveraging automation, personalizing your approach, and adding channels like SMS, you can turn more Easy Apply leads into valuable hires.

Remember, it's not just about finding the right candidate but also about making sure the right candidate finds you.

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