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Recruitment Marketing

How to Use Dalia to Reengage Candidates in your ATS and CRM

Turn passive candidates into hires with personalized, targeted nurturing.

In today's competitive job market, building and maintaining a robust talent pipeline is crucial for the success of any organization.

Your Recruiting CRM and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are powerful tools that house a wealth of candidate data. However, simply accumulating resumes and profiles is not enough; you need to actively re-engage candidates to keep your talent pool fresh and engaged.

In this blog post, we'll share how Dalia's nurturing can be used to turn the passive candidates within your CRM and ATS into hires.

1) Sync your candidates and job openings

Syncing candidates to Dalia is easy and can be done through a CRM or ATS integration, or a file upload. This lets us match your candidates with your most recent, relevant job openings. That's going to give you an edge in standing out amongst a sea of competing employers.

2) Enable Dalia's personalized, targeted nurturing

Dalia then starts nurturing your candidates with personalized, targeted SMS and email job alerts. This keeps your brand top of mind for dormant candidates, nurtures them, and brings them back to apply.


Dalia goes above and beyond traditional job alerts:

  1. Personalized and targeted: we only include highly relevant jobs in nearby locations
  2. Multi-channel: we send over both text messaging and email
  3. High deliverability: we reach job seekers' primary inboxes
  4. Sent frequently: we send alerts every one or two days
  5. A/B tested: we optimize to maximize conversions/applications
  6. Full-service supported: a real person from Dalia helps job seekers apply

By automating your nurturing, you also increase your team's productivity and ensure consistent communication with candidates even when your team is busy trying to fill roles.

3) Activate candidates and drive more hires

Dalia immediately starts turning passive candidates in your ATS and CRM into active candidates. Your brand and job openings stay in front of busy job seekers, so they apply when they're able.

While most job alerts get lost in SPAM folders and have no impact, Dalia's job alerts create a talent pipeline that helps you achieve hiring goals.

Re-engaging candidates from your CRM and ATS is a strategic investment in the hiring success of your organization that creates a whole new talent pipeline. By leveraging automation, personalizing your approach, and adding channels like SMS, you can keep your organization top-of-mind for candidates.

It's not just about collecting resumes; it's about building and maintaining meaningful connections with your talent community.

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